Pete's Work Situation

Pete spent a career working in IT, in Software Development, until his parents' deaths in 2012. He worked at quite a senior level, as a consultant for various financial institutions in the City of London. Once his parents' probates were sorted, in 2014, Pete decided to take a break from IT and followed his cycling hobby, to train as and become a bicycle mechanic.

However in February 2016, Pete suffered a stroke, which meant that he could no longer be a mechanic. Much of the time following a stroke is spent getting yourself back up to speed physically, which is important, but Pete had some catching up to do in terms of IT, so at the start of 2018 Pete embarked on several development projects, some of which have been so successful that they have been released to the public.

Whilst Pete specialised in working at a "system design" level, he found that all of his clients expected him to also posess hands-on development skills, and Pete has honed these skills since then. In fact, these few web pages were one of his first small projects, refreshing his knowledge of ASP.NET MVC.

A more substantial project is Diem, which is currently in beta test prior to release. Pete wrote that for Windows, in C# and WPF, using a pattern called MVVM and hitting a SQL Server database. He chose these technologies primarily because he was familiar with them, although during development, when a public release became a realistic possibility, Pete replaced the database and switched to SQLite.

In addition to embarking on various technical projects, Pete also maintains a CV and a profile on a couple of sites including his LinkedIn page.

With almost 30 years experience, Pete has worked on all parts of systems, In software development, from SQL Server, or Oracle, databases right through to web or Windows desktop front ends, plus all the other bits in between. And he's also got "meta" skills, for example in managing projects and testing - and not least his architecture skills, turning business goals into something tangible.