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Pete's Work History

Pete spent a career working in Software Development, until his parents' deaths in 2012. He had worked at quite a senior level, as a consultant in the London banking sector, before he decided to take a career break, becoming a bicycle mechanic.

However in February 2016, Pete suffered a stroke, which knocked the wind out of his sails. At the start of 2018, when he was ready to get back to work, Pete started developing software again. Small projects became fully-fledged applications in their own right, some of which have been so successful that they have been released to the public.

In his formar career, Pete specialised in designing large systems, using an object-oriented approach. These solutions were implemented usually on the Microsoft platform, and Pete is also skilled at implementation. He is skilled in Microsoft's current .NET Framework, including C#, a language associated with the framework. He has built web sites, desktop applications, and serverside components for several prestigious clients - in fact these few pages are a simple ASP.NET web site written in C# using Microsoft's MVC paradigm.

Pete has extensive experience of both SQL Server and Oracle databases, having both designed and implemented data models. Latterly, he has also gained experience with some open source relational products.


A more substantial project is Diem, a product for tracking diabetes. Diem originally existed as a desktop application, written in C# and WPF, and using the open source database SQLite. It is currently available, free of charge, as a beta test release.

After Diem came Diem Virtual, the same application but written as a web site using the ASP.NET MVC paradigm and with SQL Server as its database. This version of the application is currently being tested internally.

The Future

Pete would like to return to working as a part of a team again, and would be extremely interested, should the right opportunity present itself. Mainly, because of the stroke, he wants to work locally (Salisbury, Wiltshire) instead of London, but aside from that, he has no special requirements. Pete maintains a current, detailed CV on his LinkedIn page.

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